• LSI Industries Launches New High-Performance Gasoline Canopy Fixture abril 24, 2020
    Cincinnati, OH, April 24, 2020 – LSI Industries (NASDAQ: LYTS) said today that it has launched a new high-performance, highly configurable LED light fixture for gasoline canopy applications. The company’s new Scottsdale® SCM luminaire is manufactured in America and gives petroleum station owners more illumination options when considering the photometrics, architecture and size of their […]
  • Introducing the CHB - Compact LED High Bay junio 14, 2019
    The CHB LED high bay is designed for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and retail settings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, sporting venues, big-box stores and more. The housing material and finish provide high levels of durability and performance. Energy and maintenance cost savings are achievable via the CHB’s high efficacy and long-lasting LEDs. […]
  • Mirada Bollard - The Latest in a Full Line of Architectural LED Luminaires junio 14, 2019
    The Mirada Architectural Bollard combines superior engineering with purity of design  & attention to detail. The durable construction & virtually maintenance free qualities makes it ideal for illuminating low level mounting height areas, such as entryways, pathways and most pedestrian-scale applications, requiring unique aesthetics in tandem with outstanding performance. • Precision 2pc die-cast aluminum head […]
  • RHB Series - LED Round High Bay junio 14, 2019
    The compact RHB LED Round High Bay provides outstanding efficacy and performance to allow for maximum energy conservation to adhere to the strictest code compliance. Utilized in a variety of applications such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, sporting venues, big-box retail stores, and more, the RHB is the ideal high bay solution for any job site. […]
  • Renovation Made Easy with TRK Troffer Retrofit Kit junio 14, 2019
    The LED Troffer Retrofit Kits are designed to replace traditional fluorescent fixtures. The retrofit kit is designed to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency meeting stringent energy requirements. The full door assembly quickly attaches to the existing housing with all work conducted from below the ceiling saving time and money on installation. Engineered for the renovation […]
  • LSI's Latest High Performance Commercial Grade Area Lights - SSA and SMA junio 14, 2019
    The LED Commercial Areal Lights are high performance commercial grade luminaires, value driven with DLC®premium performance. The small features up to 18,000 delivered lumens at 120 LpW and the medium up to 29,000 delivered delivered lumens at 127 LpW. 5000K and 4000K Color Temperatures Minimum CRI of 80 0-10 Volt dimming option available Virtually maintenance […]
  • LSI Proudly Launches Much-Anticipated, High Lumen Mirada Post Top (MPH) septiembre 17, 2018
    The Mirada Post Top (MPH) interweaves modern urban aesthetics and exceptional performance. With superior distributions, high product configurability, and intelligent controls, the innovative Mirada Post Top (MPH) boasts up to a peerless 72k delivered lumens, while delivering a desirable super-efficient 135LPW* platform. Ideal solution for applications such as Retail Centers, Large Parking Areas, Automotive Dealerships, […]
  • New Mirada Area Light (MRM) Launched agosto 21, 2018
    The Mirada Area Light’s sleek design makes it perfectly-suited for architectural & commercial applications, while its cost-effective and lightweight die-cast aluminum housing makes its acquisition cost very competitive. The Mirada offers high-performance, factory-rotatable precision silicone optics, 5 standard CCTs, 42,000+ delivered lumens, and is available with integral LSI Airlink wireless controls enabled by Synapse. IP66. […]
  • DLC Premium Walkway Canopy Light Launched julio 10, 2018
    The LSI WCP Walkway Canopy fixture is designed to optimize LED life and light output. The WCP housing is hinged for quick and easy mounting and installation. It uses high-brightness, high-LED count technology, so more usable light output is produced while eliminating glare. Wireless controls are available via the LSI AirLink solution enabled by Synapse™. […]
  • New Striplight Enhancements Launched junio 26, 2018
    The sleek architectural striplight is designed with tool-less entry features saving time and money on installation. Optimizing leading-industry LED technology, the striplight series delivers unparalleled performance and efficiency meeting stringent energy requirements. Innovative programmable drivers offer expansive lumen packages and come standard with 0-10V dimming down to 1%. Designed with uncompromised aesthetics, the high-performance luminaires […]